Katja Kotikoski (b. 1973) is known for her playful ideas, visual minimalism and focus on details - A combination that spontaneously combines art, design and craft. A need to create timeless objects that brings joy to life describes the philosophy behind her works.

Her work is guided above all by her interest in material and form. The works are united by her way of being optimistic and curious about the world, which appears as a humorous undertone of the works. The conceptual works tend to describe things that you usually want to cover up, such as imperfection.

Art, design and making by hand is her way of interacting with the environment and dealing with current issues, which she gives shape with ceramics. By making observations of everyday life and bypassing moments her works reflects the relationship between human and environment.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation has supported Katja Kotikoskis work in 2021. During her work period, she has developed texture and effect glazes, which she has used in her new works. The new works are more abstract of nature than the previous ones.

Katja Kotikoski works in Helsinki in a ceramics collective at Studio Savea.